Earn up to 6.5% APR

Simply deposit your money and receive up to 6.50% APR, paid out weekly. Withdraw at any time.


Capital One


at 2.00% APR

PNC Bank


at 2.30% APR



at 6.50% APR

Wayrate supports connecting to over 9,600 financial institutions.

How Wayrate Works

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1. Fund your Account

Fund your account at one of our On-Ramp Providers via ACH or wire transfer. We currently support Coinbase and Coinbase Pro.

2. Issue Digital Assets

Funds are moved into a trust account with Circle Internet Financial. Circle issues USDC digital tokens to represent the value of your money at a 1-to-1 rate ($1 = 1 USDC Token).

3. Send to Earning Provider

Tokens are sent to a trusted Earning Provider where they are held by BitGo Trust Company, a public Trust Company regulated by the South Dakota Division of Banking.

4. Earn Interest

On a weekly basis, interest is paid out in USDC tokens. For example, if you have $10,000 on deposit, and the interest rate is 6.50%, you will receive 12.50 USDC tokens every week.

5. Withdraw Interest

We help you convert USDC tokens to US dollars and withdraw interest back to your bank account. Alternatively, keep the interest on deposit and enjoy the power of compounding.

6. Sit back and Relax

Watch your account grow every week!

Built on the Most Secure Platforms

Your interest earning is powered by top platforms in secured digital asset lending.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who holds my money?

Funds are held in escrow with our Earning Provider in the form of digital assets. The BitGo Trust Company, a public Trust Company regulated by the South Dakota Division of Banking, maintains custody of the assets.

What happens to my money?

Your money is lent out as part of a secured loan against digital assets and other cryptocurrencies. These loans are over-collateralized. For example, for every $200 - $500 worth of digital assets, the borrower can only borrow $100 cash.

Does Wayrate hold my money?

Wayrate does not take custody of your funds at any point. Wayrate is a technology platform to help you navigate the complexities of securitized digital asset lending.

What happens if the value of the collateral drops?

If the value of the collateral drops too low, the collateral will be sold to prevent a loss on the loan. Also, you are able to withdraw your money at any time.

How often can I withdraw?

Your interest is withdrawn automatically, unless you chose to leave it in the account. Your principal can be withdrawn at any time (allowing time for ACH processing).

How am I able to earn such an attractive interest rate?

The interest rates on secured loans are in line with what the banks charge. While the banks typically keep all the profits, our Earning Providers send most of the interest back to you.

Wayrate lets your money work for you, not for the banks.

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